• Draw Persona & Song Card

    Dance like an astronaut to Abba or groove like a T-Rex to Taylor Swift. The sillier the better!

  • Pick Your Dance Partners

    Because every showstopper needs a stellar cast.

  • Create a Performance

    Become the choreographer you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll have 2 minutes to #makeitdance.

  • Dance & Score

    Hit the floor and let loose! Get ready to judge your friends and family...but be ready for them to judge you back!

Get Ready to Make It Dance!

From creating your own dances to judging other contestants,
Make It Dance lets you play the game from every side of the stage.

  • Two Left Feet? No Problem

    The only skill you need is your imagination. It's not about being the best; it's about having the most fun!

  • Bring the House Down

    Get ready to steal the spotlight with your show-stopping moves. The whole family will be roaring with applause!

  • Party Magic

    With dozens of personas to choose from, transform any gathering into a dance-off. Perfect for breaking the ice and flexing your creativity.

  • Great for All Ages

    Finally something that people of all generations can agree on. Perfect material to make your next favorite core memory.

Ready to dance?


Let’s Dance!


Cost ‘N’ mayor

Choreographers Cost n' Mayor, famed for their viral dance moves, bring you 'MAKE IT DANCE.' They've channeled their love for dance into a game that inspires people everywhere to experience the joy of movement. Don't miss a beat. Follow them on Instagram and TikTok.



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